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It is important that children are in school as much as possible. Every day that they miss, is a day of learning that won’t be repeated and often can’t be ‘caught up’.

We expect children to be in school by 8:55am every day, unless they are unwell.

We aim for every child to have an attendance of at least 95% across the whole year. We reward children who achieve this each term, and across the whole year. We also celebrate pupils who are making efforts to improve their attendance across the year.

Our whole school attendance is improving.

Whole school 2017-2018: 93.6%

Whole School 2020-2021: 95%

This year to date (2021-2022): 94%

Target: 96%

In a 6 week term (30 school days), 1 day is equal to 3.3% absence.

If your child is too unwell to attend school, please contact the school office first thing in the morning and on every day of the absence.

We closely monitor the attendance of every child and some parents are invited in to discuss their child’s attendance with Mrs Hammond, our Inclusion Manager or Mrs Nunn, our FLO.

Penalty notices may be issued following the guidance set by Kent County Council.

You can find out more on the Kent County Council website.

Attendance Policy