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Subject Leader: Hannah Horsford

History fires children’s curiosity about the past. It encourages thinking about how the past influences the present. It develops a chronological framework for knowledge of significant events and people. History helps children form a sense of identity and understanding of their place in their own community and the world. In addition, it develops the essential skills of research, analysis, evaluation and communication. This document clarifies how and what aspects of history is taught at Charing CEP School. 

The History curriculum helps pupils gain a logical sequence of historical topics to support progression and curriculum knowledge. With a cross curricular approach to planning, pupils can link and consolidate their learning of historical topics and apply their understanding in other areas of the curriculum.  

Our aim with the History curriculum is to develop historical enquiry and a sense of chronology and curiosity. Wherever possible pupils are given opportunities to examine a variety of sources including artefacts, pictures and texts and to visit places of historic importance. Teachers focus on helping pupils to develop the skills to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, develop perspective and judgement and reflect and review events of the past thus deepening their understanding that historical events can be interpreted in different ways. As pupils progress through the school, they communicate and process their knowledge in an increasingly sophisticated way.