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Subject leader: Tom Bird

Our aim with the Geography curriculum is for pupils to accumulate knowledge as they progress. For example, in Year 1’s local area study, children learn basic geographical concepts, knowledge, vocabulary and skills through the concrete experience of a familiar place. This then allows them to make meaningful comparisons with the Zambian locality of Mugumareno Village in Year 2. During Key Stage 2, this knowledge of places feeds into regional studies from the Americas, Europe and the UK. Knowledge becomes both broader and deeper as pupils progress and become familiar with an ever-wider range of places. This growing knowledge is also fed by the development of locational knowledge, geographical skills and a growing understanding of human and physical processes. 

Our Geography curriculum assures full National Curriculum (England) coverage, and goes into depth in relation to locational knowledge and geographical processes. Core skills, knowledge, vocabulary and concepts acquired in the first two topics of a year are applied towards the end of the year in the context of a place-based study.  

The Pathway we use at Charing helps meet the requirements of the intent, implementation and impact framework.