School Road, Charing, Ashford, Kent. TN27 0JN
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Living and Learning with Faith, Friendship and Fun

From 1 September 2023

Head TeacherTom Bird
Assistant Head TeacherRos Golden
Inclusion ManagerIzzy Hammond
Curriculum LeadLeanne Humphries

Ducklings  Preschool 2-4 year oldsBeth Goodright
Rabbits ReceptionHannah Jones 
Squirrels Year 1Ros Golden (Mon-Wed) and Leanne Humphries (Wed-Fri)
Otters Year 2Emily Bone-Knell
Woodpeckers Year 3 and 4Azra Zaffar-Thompson (Mon-Wed) Hannah Horsford (Thurs-Fri)
Badgers Years 4 and 5Emily MacMillan
Owls Year 6Sarah Siddiqui (Mon-Wed) and Izzy Hammond (Wed-Fri)
Intervention teachersLiz Bird (Mon-Wed)

RabbitsNikki Hodson

Teaching Assistants
DucklingsKatie Hebes, Libby Elvy
RabbitsKatie Cole, Maria Piddock (1:1)
Squirrels Chloe Dowsett, Bobbie Carpenter (1:1), Abby Ball (1:1 Mon,Tues and Thurs)
OttersSheila Young (Mon-Wed), Alessandra Alexander (Thurs-Fri)
WoodpeckersJack Terrell (1:1)
BadgersKatie Hattley (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri), Nikki Hodson (Wed)
OwlsKate Axon

Support staff
CaretakerChris Cooke
Office AdministratorLucie Lochhead 
Office AdministratorNimrah Rehman
CleanerSusan Watson

Kitchen staff (Caterlink) 
Brenda CottenhamLiz Lukehurst
The DfE require us to confirm that no employee of Charing Church of England Primary School is paid a gross salary exceeding £100,000.