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Living and Learning with Faith, Friendship and Fun

Subject leader: Emily MacMillan

At Charing we believe that Science is a body of knowledge built up through experimental testing of ideas. The principal objectives of the teaching of science at Charing are to stimulate pupil’s curiosity in finding out why things happen and to develop interest and enjoyment in science. Our children learn to ask scientific questions that relate to the world they live in. They are encouraged to plan, implement, conclude and evaluate scientific investigations.  The teaching of science at Charing enables pupils to communicate scientific ideas effectively through the use of relevant scientific language and develop children’s ideas and ways of working, that enable them to make sense of the world in which they live.  

Pupils begin their science learning journey in Reception where guided exploratory play is key to developing enquiring minds. Working scientifically skills are embedded throughout the curriculum to enable our pupils to understand the value of science in context.

Science knowledge at Charing is built on through our primary school as topics are revisited throughout a child’s primary school life. Pupils learn about natural phenomena and the world around them. Some topics covered and revisited are: Animals including Humans, Living Things and their Habitats, Plants, Materials, Forces and Electricity. We follow the National Curriculum as a basis, PZAZ and the Kent Primary Science scheme of work.