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Owls – Home Work

Living and Learning with Faith, Friendship and Fun

Homework will be set on a Friday and will be due back to school by Wednesday of the following week. Pupils have been given a homework book to complete their homework in. All homework books are expected to be in school by Wednesday each week and will be sent home again on a Friday.  

Pupils are expected to read with an adult each night and for this to be recorded in their reading record book. The reading book and reading record need to be brought into school each day.  

Pupils in spelling groups will bring home their spelling books on a Monday and Tuesday night to practice their spellings. These books need to be brought back into school each day.  


Each week, pupils choose 1 maths and 1 writing task and complete these in their homework books. These have been designed to encourage the children to apply their maths knowledge and to develop reasoning and creativity, therefore there are no right or wrong answers if the explanation is thorough. We will be encouraging the children to explain why within their answers and to think outside the box! 

Maths example: If I know 2+1-3, what else do I know? 

Answers could be: 3-2=1, because it is the opposite, commutative calculation. 20+10=30 because there are all 10x the calculation.  

Writing example

If dragons are real, where do they live? 

Dragons live in the Sun. Scientists believe that the sun is a ball of burning gas, but actually it is a giant cavern filled with thousands of dragons. These dragons breathe fire which heats up the entire galaxy. The gas that the scientists have identified is, in fact, the breath of a dragon. Dragons have been known to visit Earth, and the other planets, however they do not stay for long. One reason for this is that the inhabitant of Earth have not always been friendly to the dragons; Saint George is an example of this. Another reason is that Earth is too cold. Dragons like hot environments and, even on our record breaking hot days, Earth is not hot enough for the dragon to live for long.