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Squirrels – Home Study

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It’s the Easter Holidays! 

Well done Squirrels, you have completed another week of home learning and it is now the Easter holidays!  Woohoo!

I hope you had another lovely week and used your time to learn help your parents and have fun. Today’s home learning is- Topic, RE and Computing. There is also another Music lesson on Charanga if you get time. 

Mrs Siddiqui and myself have enjoyed looking at more fantastic work this week. I hope you remembered to complete your spelling test yesterday (or today). 

We are very proud of you all for your amazing work this term and for your attitude to continuing this at home. We know this is a strange time and it’s okay to sometimes feel unsure. Teachers and adults don’t know all the answers, but if you are worried about anything please speak to your adults at home so they can understand and help you feel better.

I have a special challenge for you for the Easter holidays. I would like you to think of something really positive about your time at home. This could be that you get to spend more time with siblings, more time with adults, you may have learnt to help with cooking or gardening, or that you have had more time to read, draw pictures or make amazing Lego models. My positive is that I now have a little bit of time in the mornings when I can take my dog for a long walk as usually I don’t have this time, so my dog is VERY happy! I have put another little video on Charanga for you. I would love to hear your positive experiences and I will put these all together so we can see each others.

Have a relaxing and fun time! Speak to you soon.

Mrs McKenna x

Please email completed work on Mon and Wed to
Please email Friday work to

Purple Mash

​Purple mash is a computer programme we use in school for computing and to support teaching in many areas. While we are closed, we encourage children to log in and use the software – practising spellings, learning timestables, using writing frames, beginning to write code etc – in both their learning or to help entertain them when they have ‘nothing to do’! 

Staff will also be setting ‘2Dos’ for the children, directing activities for the children to complete that will support learning across the curriculum. 

All children were given their purple mash logins last week. There is also a parent code which you can use to monitor how your child is doing and what has been set for them. 

Daily PE :

Weel Commencing 30 March 2020

Home Study week commencing 30 March 2020

Week Commencing 23 March 2020

Home Study week commencing 23 March 2020


Music lessons will be set on Charanga Music. Pupils can access this at and enter their username and password. The lessons progress and units are set on a song.

Please listen to the unit song and additional songs, you can discuss these and even sing along!

There are warm up games and activities to play, some can be a little repetitive so please pick and choose which bits you would like to use.

If units involve instruments please use any instruments that you may have access to, this could even involve rice in a jar shakers, pan and wooden spoon drums and tissue box and elastic band guitars!

There are also song packages to dip in and out of during this time. Please use some of this time to enjoy listening to music with your children, discussing it, sharing favourite songs and dancing around too!