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Year 4 Multiplication Check

Every child in year 4 is scheduled to experience the ‘Multiplication Check’ during the coming summer term.

The reason for this “Check” is because children are expected to know by memory their multiplication tables (timestables) up to 12  by the end of Year 4. This knowledge is a real help to them when tackling mathematical problems and other mathematical challenges. The “Check” will take place in term 6 and the children will undertake it on a computer. They will have 25 questions and 6 seconds to answer each question.

There is no doubt that children will find this task extremely difficult if they are not properly prepared and do not know their multiplication tables fully. We will of course be providing lots of support and practice at school but I am writing to ask you to please provide them with some extra support at home to ensure they do as well as they can. Although we want the children to do well in the official “Check” it is even more important to remember that if they can really learn their times tables well they will have gained a piece of knowledge that will stay with them forever and that will help them not just in Maths but in everyday life.

Please see if you can set aside a short period of time each day to go over multiplication tables up to 12 and keep asking the children relevant questions so as to speed up their recall. There are many online resources to help support this.

If you search  you will see an example of what the children will have to experience in the summer term and is a good online resource for children to practice all their tables before they are ready to experience the check. Practicing on a regular basis will really support your child and help embed this important knowledge. Thank you in anticipation of your help.

If you have any questions or would like any support with this please contact Mrs Horsford.

11 June 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back.
For homework this week can you please write 5 (or more) interesting facts about Charing. Did anyone famous go to our school? Fight in the wars? How many people live here? How old is the village?
Then can you write or draw a quick news item to share with everyone about what you have enjoyed doing over the weekend.

21 May 2021

Hi everyone, please can you all remember to bring in protective clothing for printing on Tuesday. This could be an old shirt or tshirt just to go over your school uniform. Many thanks. 

14 May 2021

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26 March 2021

19 March 2021

12 March 2021

It has been so lovely to see everyone’s smiley faces back in class and very exciting to welcome all the new pupils. A big well done to you all for having such a fantastic return to school.
Attached is the homework – apologies it wasn’t up on Friday. Please choose one section from A, B or C for the maths and correct my spellings and grammar mistakes in the writing. There are ten in total.
Due to the current restrictions homework will be set every Friday (promise) then please hand in all your work on Tuesday 30th March.

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