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Foxes – Home Work

Living and Learning with Faith, Friendship and Fun

1 July

Please find attached the homework. Please remember that if you find anything tricky just ask on Monday and don’t spend any longer than 30 minutes on it! Attached is the maths and comprehension. Choose 1 section for each to answer. Remember those tables and to read most days!

Have a great time.

Mrs Horsford

24 June

20 May


Thank you to all the parents who came to support us in our fantastic parents’ afternoon, we all had a great time. Attached are the times table worksheets and the homework for the week. As ever choose which ever level you feel confident you can complete and don’t spend more than 30 minutes on it.Have  great weekend.

Mrs H

13 May


Here’s the homework for the week. Please don’t spend any longer than 30 minutes on it and if you have any questions then do just let me know on Monday, worry is never anyone’s friend!For the comprehension, there are 3 levels so choose the pages before you print it off, the same for the maths but it’s not so lengthy.Spend 5 minutes (or however long it takes you to complete) on your times tables.Have a great weekend.

Mrs H

6 May

Congratulations everyone on another great week. Attached are soft copies of the times tables (I’ll remember the hard copies on Monday) and the rest of the homework. Have a great weekend.

Ultimate W3.pdf
7x W3.pdf
8x W3.pdf
6x W3.pdf

9x W3.pdf

29 April

Hi everyone,

Well done on another fantastic week. Please find attached the homework and printable copies of the timestable sheets. The comprehension is set in 3 levels, so please take care you print the correct pages rather than print the whole thing. Remember the work shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Mrs Horsford

22 April

Hi Everyone,

It’s been great to see you all back after a well deserved break. 

For your homework please can you complete one of the maths sheets and practise your times tables. You can do this online with if you don’t want to practise with a timer or if you want to practise answering within 6 seconds. 

Additionally, could you please find out 5 interesting facts about one of the world’s rainforests. This could be the size, population, rate of deforestation, any works of art it has inspired, any particular fact that grabs your attention! 

I hope to see as many parents as possible on Wednesday so we can outline what to expect of and how we are preparing the pupils for the statutory times table test.

What a great start to term 5! Well done everyone!

Mrs Horsford

Multiplication Tables Check – 2022 – is the Multiplication Tables Check. The Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is a key stage 2 assessment to be taken by pupils at the end of year 4 (in June)
Online Times Tables Tests – for 2021.Click here for our free Printable PDF Multiplication Wheel Worksheet Generator. Choose the times tables to practice and the number of multiplication wheels per worksheet. Click here for our NEW Printable PDF Telling the Time Worksheet Generator. ***FLASHCARDS – Click here for our printable PDF Times Tables Flashcards*** BOOKS – Click here for details and/or to purchase

25 March

Hi everyone,

Please find attached this week’s homework. Remember to finish your river poems for this week. I can’t wait to read them after looking through your word lists. For maths please do have a go and colour the eggs in brightly so we can decorate our classroom a little.

Additionally, we have Reverend Sandra visiting us on Monday to talk about being a good ‘fisher of men’ so please have a think of some questions to ask her about her day and how she tries to make the world one that Jesus would want.

Have a great time in the sunshine.

Mrs Horsford

18 March

HomeworkHere is this week’s homework. The writing is to be completed over 2 weeks as I want you to take great care with your word choices. As ever only complete 1 section of the maths and the homework in total shouldn’t take any more than 30 minutes. Remember to read daily too!

11 March

5 March

Hi Everyone,

Well done on having such a super week two. Please find attached the homework for this week. Remember that it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. For the comprehension choose whichever * level you feel happy with.Have a lovely weekend.

28 January

Hi all, please see the attached homework. Remember to practise your timestablesfor at least 5 minutes. You can use dice, playing cards, compose your own tune or just write them out.

21 January

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. Attached is the homework for the week. Remember you only need to complete one section of the maths. The English is a comprehension and again complete whichever section you feel suits you best, three stars is the most challenging.

Please can you all remember to bring in an orange and some old fabric to use as bandages ready for some mummification on Monday!

Well done everyone for having such a super week, you were all fantastic foxes!

See you on Monday!

14 January

Hello!Happy new year everyone. Please find attached the homework for the week. It has been lovely to see you all in school after having such a super Christmas holiday.

As ever there are spellings on purple mash, but in case you can’t access those I’ve attached a list ready for the test on Monday. There are no challenge words this week as the spellings are quite tricky in themselves and it’s our first full week back!

10 December

What an amazing week! Well done all of you for representing the school perfectly during the pantomime. So, on that note for your homework please can you write a review of the pantomime. Include what you liked best, which character you liked and why, mention any particularly funny parts and give it a star rating. For maths please finish one of the timestables sheets.

Well done everyone we are super proud of you all. One more week!

3 December

Hello everyone.

Please find attached the homework for the week, it’s a rather festive theme to help get us in the mood for Christmas! The reading comprehension has 3 different levels, choose the one you feel confident with and remember to print of the matching questions. 

If you want to have a go at the times tables timed quiz the link is and I’ve also put the spellings up as a to do on PurpleMash. If you need your log in then please let me know.
Well done on having such a super week.

Multiplication Tables Check – is the Multiplication Tables Check. The Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) is a key stage 2 assessment to be taken by pupils at the end of year 4 (in June)

26 November

Hello everyone,

Please find attached the homework for the week and the spellings ready for the test on Monday. Please remember if shouldn’t take any longer than 30 minutes for you to complete. Our reading pictures are brilliant, if anyone else would like to share some that would brilliant. 

19 November

Hi everyone! What a super week. Attached is the homework. 

For the Maths just choose 1 activity and do not spend any more than 15 minutes on it. The comprehension is split in to 2 files, one is the text and one is the corresponding questions. Please note that the text is repeated slightly differently 3 times – 1 star is for less confident readers and 3 stars is more of a challenge – so only print the text you want and remember to find the answer sheet that matches!

I’ve attached both spellings (T2 W2 and T2W3) ready for Monday’s grand test where there’ll be many dojos up for grabs!

Have a lovely weekend!

11 November

Well done everyone on having such a fantastic week. For homework this week I’d like you to spend 20 minutes working on your 6x table or if you’re confident with that then please focus on one that you find more challenging. You can write out your times table, test yourself using playing cards or play the dice game.  Attached are some 6x table questions and a fortune teller template.

For writing, please research the COP 26. You can think of some questions and ask the adults in your house and write down your interview (ask at least 5 questions), or you can use the internet, the bbc has some good information, or read the leaflet I have attached. 

5 November

Welcome back everyone! Foxes have had a fantastic start to the term. We’re enjoying the search for the polar bear in our writing, our planted human designs were amazing and we’ve started our new topic, What a Wonderful World by learning about how different the climate zones are around the world. What a great start everyone.

As part of our Writing homework this week I’d like everyone to write a book review of their favourite book to date. This can be any book: a factual book, a picture book or a novel. Remember to include the author’s name, a star rating, who you would recommend the book to as well as details about the main characters and a brief summary of the plot. Can you please also send in a photograph of your child reading in a funny place for us to put up on our classroom display?

15 October

Hello – one more week to go! You’ve all been brilliant this week considering we’ve all been suffering with this rotten bug that’s doing the rounds. Try to get plenty of rest ready for the last week of term.

Please see the homework attached and don’t forget to work on your tables. We’re adding the 3 and 6 times tables to our class speed tests this week!

8 October

Hello everyone,Well done for having such a fantastic week. It was brilliant to see you all in the church reading the Autumn poem you wrote. 

Remember to practise your spellings and timestables ready for Monday but please do not spend any longer than 30 minutes of your weekend on homework.

1 October

24 September

Hello everyone!
Please don’t spend any longer than 30 minutes on the homework. Remember there are dojos and prizes for those that hand in fantastic work! I look forward to reading it! Have a super weekend everyone, rest up ready for another fun filled, action packed week!

17 September

Please see the homework for the week. Please do not spend any longer than half an hour on the work, just try your best! Have a great weekend everyone!